So a little about me? Being born to Mauritian parents has definite plus points but coming from a tropical background didn’t imply instant creativity. It was only as I progressed through my GCSE’s that I realised I loved to create and fulfill design briefs, and getting that chance to put my own creative spin on ideas was such a buzz, I knew I would be a dedicated graphic designer.

And so here we are. After university I worked for a publishing company for over 9 years, learning as much as possible, from typography, layout, editorial, marketing and web design to multi-tasking, training others and of course, keeping to deadlines. It was excellent and fun but I felt a change was needed after so long, so I am now currently employed in the corporate sector, designing for Capita, where there are constant campaigns, collateral, events and websites to design for their extensive in-house and outside client list.

In my own time, I wanted to keep the design vibe constant and so as well as working on mini freelance projects, I started my own t-shirt brand, Dodozero, and decided to design some to wear – in particular relating to my Mauritian background and interests. It’s so much fun, I don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier!

OK enough of my jibber jabber. Please check out the work and if you want to find out more give me a shout or view my CV for more information.

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